23rd September 2017

Update - We have been testing the regions over night and this morning and so far we have fixed the following issues:

Teleporting - No longer ending up under ground on first teleport to another region

Rubberbanding and lag - This has also been resolved so avatar moment is smoother.

We are still working on the upgrade to the next version but so far testing is going well for this and hopefully will take place over the coming weeks. 

22nd September 2017 

23.50 GMT - All regions are now back online and maintenance has been completed on the servers. There will be ongoing work over the weekend but we will keep you updated of an changes. Please report any issues via the contact us button in the lower left of the screen.

21st September 2017

20.15 GMT - We are still working on maintenance of the grid databases. This may mean the grid will remain offline for the next 24 hours. More updates will be posted as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.

Additional notes: We are also testing the OpenSim 0.9.0 during the maintenance, updates on this will also follow soon.  

18.00 GMT - Website will be offline for some users for a short period of time while DNS addresses update.

13.35 GMT - Website now all back online

13.25 GMT - Main social parts of website back online. Links to in world currently under maintenance.

12.50 GMT - Back ups of all regions and databases have been completed. Regions still offline at this time.

11.21 GMT - Regions will be offline for short periods of time to allow for maintenance and region back ups.