The new welcome center is almost complete. Apologies for the delay in this but we wanted to add new start avatars as well as some other new bits to make it easier for new users to get started.

We hope to open the new welcome center to residents tomorrow and new user registrations will be open from Thursday the 13th of April. 

Just in time for the Easter weekend and some very special offers!!

All welcome packs have now been send out to current residents. Included in the pack is a welcome note, social HUD and how to guide for the HUD.

If anyone does not receive their welcome pack please send an message to us via the contact us button at the lower right of

We thank you for your patience and more updates will be coming tomorrow!

We want to thank you all for your patience so far today. It's been a long day for the team with a few little issues along the way but over all, we have managed to complete the following:

Website changes

All user accounts have been migrated over to the AviUnite website. 

Current members can now all log in with their email and password to the website where you will be taken to the new social hub.

Please be aware some of this is still under construction but we are getting there!

All users will receive a friends request from AviUnite Social. This is the person who will be sending out news and event information on the social hub.

Please note we will not be offended if you decline it is just a way of us being able to send out all the news to everyone!

Virtual World

The virtual world is all up to date and back online. 

User profiles, currency balances and friends have been moved over

What's next?

All users will be receiving a welcome pack in world with information about the changes and how to use some of the new features

The new welcome center will be open hopefully from tomorrow! 

New user registrations will be open from Monday the 10th of April, so if you like what you see start spreading the word!




17.00 GMT - Grid log in is now enabled and all regions are online. For users who are experiencing an error when opening the viewer please open the grid manager and refresh your grid URL for Haven Your World. This should then enable you to log in world. If you do experience any issues please let us know via the contact us button at 

14.00 GMT - Most residents should not be redirected to the website when trying to access we are now working on bringing the grid back online. 

12.40 GMT - All database information has been moved over from Haven Your World to AviUnite. Over the next couple of hours users will start to be redirected from to where users can log in using their email and password.

10.00 GMT - We are currently in the stages of migrating the Haven Your World site over to AviUnite. Both sites will be offline during this time and the in world access will be offline for short periods as we make the necessary changes.

The Virtual world is still offline for the moment and we will update as soon as this is back online. If you find any issues accessing your account please contact us via using the contact us button at the lower right of the screen.

Planned changes for the coming week

Saturday 8th April 2017

The new aviunite website will become available for all current users of Haven Your World.

Current members can log in to the new site using their email address and usual password.

Logging into the virtual world at present will stay the same, there is no need at this point to change the log in URL.

(This will come at a later date)

Sunday 9th April 2017

Information on using the social site in world will be sent in a new pack to users in world.

The new welcome center will be open to all current users

Monday 10th April 2017

User registration will be open for new users at AviUnite.

New starter avatars will be released.

Monday 10th April 2017 until Monday 17th of April

We will be announcing details of special offers and more features during the week!

Sneak Peek!

This Saturday will see the launch of AviUnite!
Here's a little peek of the new welcome region where you will find all you need to get started!