Following yesterday's information about what has been happening at AviUnite. We have got 2 new domains which we will be using on a temporary basis to cover AviUnite until we can reclaim our .com address. 

The new site for the grid is and you will need to update this in your grid settings using the grid URL If you are unsure on how to add your grid to the viewer all details can be found here.

We would suggest for the moment adding this as you would a new grid rather than updating the old grid URL this will ensure all your settings are clean and set up as they should be. We are currently working through the website to update all URLs so you may still find a couple of places where the .com is mentioned but please if you can do not visit the .com version of the aviunite website. As most of you will know who have tried will see they are redirecting the page to another site which they are receiving revenue from so in fact every time we try to visit the .com we are paying the crook who is now holding our domain to ransom! 

We would like to assure you again that during this time AviUnite has not been compromised in anyway and we are working and seeking legal advice on what we can do to get back our domain along with working with the domain registrar.

Thank you to all of our AviUnite friends for your support during this time.

Kind regards,


On behalf of the AviUnite team.