Resident meeting to discuss present updates and future plans for the AviUnite community. 20.00 GMT 12.00 GridTime

Notices from the team:

After months of testing and hard work from the team the grid is now running on OS0.9 all seems to be performing really well at the moment but if you do experience any issues please log them by clicking the leave us a message button at the lower left of the page.

Feedback from residents:

The upgrades on the grid have improved grid stability and performance. 

'Rubber banding' when moving between regions has been greatly reduced to the point where this is not being noticed when crossing regions anymore.

There are some issues when travelling in vehicles between a single region and a var region. - This is an OS wide issue but there are work arounds. This will be passed on to the technical team for investigation. 

There has been some issues for residents bring in content over the hypergrid from some grids. - This will be tested further by the team to try and find where the issue is occurring.

Future plans:

A clearer easier to follow process for locating and claiming free homes and stores. 

More free themed home regions will be coming over the next couple of weeks in addition to the current country living region. We will be posting information on this as soon as the regions are completed.

The new winter wonderland will be opening soon. We will be announcing more information on this soon.

Regular events will be coming soon to the Hangout region. These will be posted once confirmed. If any residents would like to take part in or run events on the community lands please contact Cheryl AviUnite in world.

The new combat role play region will officially be opening soon. More information on this will follow shortly.

The team is currently working alongside app developers to work on mobile access to the grid from both android devices and apple devices.

Other notices:

We are currently seeking advertising outlets for AviUnite. If you are a blog owner or writer please contact Cheryl AviUnite in world, send us a message via the button on the lower left of the screen or message us via our facebook page: and we will arrange a time which suits you to discuss.

We are also seeking live performers - singers, DJs who would be interested in regular slots to perform at AviUnite. If you are interested please contact us by one of the options below.

If you have any other suggestion you would like to put forward to the team please contact us as listed below.

You can contact the team in the following ways

  • By sending a message in world to Cheryl AviUnite
  • Using the leave us a message button at the lower left of this page.
  • Send us a message via our facebook page 
  • Send a message to Avi Unite or Cheryl AviUnite via our social platform by logging into your account at 

Thank you to all who attended the meeting for your time and support.