Thank you to those who attended the grid meeting. We will be holding our next meeting at the end of July. Date and time to be announced shortly.

Below is a brief summary of some of the points discussed.

    •         We are currently seeking advertising avenues where we can promote the great features we have at AviUnite both in world and via the social site. We know some of this is still work in progress but we want to get the word out! If you have any suggestions for advertising please message Cheryl AviUnite in world.
    •         We are currently building out support team and ensuring they have access to all they need to be able to support residents in world. If you are interested in a support role particularly greeters who can assist new residents please message Cheryl AviUnite in world. 
    •         New more user friendly claim boxes are currently in development. These will hopefully be rolled out over the next coming weeks.
    •        We are currently working on developing more areas for the community to explore. More news on this will be released over the coming weeks.
    •        The event’s list for July will be released next weekend. If you have an event you would be interested in hosting please contact Cheryl AviUnite in world.

The next grid meeting will be towards the end of July and we will announce the date and time nearer the time. This meetings are open to all residents of AviUnite, where you can put forward any ideas, suggestions or share any news you may have.